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September 2011, Vol. 66 No. 9

Once pipe was ready and in position, a McElroy TracStar 900 was used to butt fuse the pipe into a long, monolithic pipeline. A TracStar 900 is capable of fusing pipe sizes from 12-inch IPS to 36 inches of outer diameter, and is a track-mounted, self-contained, self-propelled fusion machine that doesn’t require a generator for power. The TracStar proved an advantageous choice on the job, as the fusion operator was able to fine tune the position of the fusion machine underneath the pipe to get ideal placement before beginning the fusion process.


As part of the joining process, USA personnel used a DataLogger to record and document the key parameters of the fusion joint as it was made. The device helps engineers, contractors and inspectors verify that proper fusion procedures have been followed. McElroy’s DataLogger consists of a rugged handheld computer that serves as a recording device connected to a data-collection device that records the temperature of the heater and fusion pressure profile over time. All of the data is recorded and transmitted to the handheld computer, where the joint report is stored and can be viewed, printed or transferred to a computer for archiving. The quality assurance device is a great way to document the pipeline that is put into the ground.

With 2,900 feet of pipe going underneath a river, it was important to ensure that the pipeline was joined properly and could withstand the pull-through under the Halifax River.

As the pipe was fused, workers pulled the pipe down a series of rollers running in the outside lane of Beach St., next to the curb. An American Augers DD-440 was used to perform the 2,800 foot drill across the Halifax River while a Vermeer 330x500 directional drill was used for a secondary bore down Halifax Avenue.

USA started mobilizing for the project at the end of July and completed drilling operations on two separate bores at the end of August 2010. The project was complete by the first of November after open cut, tie-ins and testing operations were successful.

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