DCA Members "Cautiously Optimistic" About 2009 Market

Association Holds 48th Annual Convention Feb 22-27
By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | February 2009 Vol. 64 No.2
The 48th annual Distribution Contractors' Association Convention is going on now in Maui, HI.

Despite a troubled economy that is causing problems in many segments of construction, 2008 ended strong for most members of the Distribution Contractors Association (DCA).

"Although the slowdown in housing construction has affected the construction of new distribution gas pipelines, DCA contractors have taken advantage of their diverse capabilities, and most of our members are working at full strength," said DCA President Anthony (Tony) R. Deusenbery, who led the association in 2008.

"In reviewing the man hours worked by member employees in 2008," he added, "they remain ahead of the previous two years, even through October and November, indicating our contractors are finding work outside the housing market."

The work has included pipeline integrity support, facility construction, ongoing blanket work, major pipelines, blanket contracts, directional drilling services and related infrastructure projects.

Deusenbery said factors contributing to the hard won prosperity for DCA members include making sound management decisions, flexibility and continuing demand for energy in the United States.

Active association

Reflecting on the months he has been president, Deusenbery said the association sponsored several successful events, participated in multiple trade shows throughout the country and improved several services DCA provides to its members.

Significant improvements were made to the monthly newsletter, DCA News, with more industry news and the addition of a timely lead article about member projects and industry topics. In addition, the association implemented a transition plan to prepare for the scheduled retirement in 2009 of Executive Vice President Dennis Kennedy.

Deusenbery added that the board of directors provided leadership and coordination between committees and DCA staff.

Accomplishments of key committees in 2008 included:

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