Dealing With Laterals: Abundant Challenges

Part 1 Of An Exclusive 3-Part Series
By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | September 2010 Vol. 65 No. 9
A Hoffman Southwest crew installs a lateral.

Chris Brahler, president of TT Technologies, a leader in developing the pipebursting market in the United States, says this trenchless procedure provides a cost effective, socially responsible and green alternative to typical open-cut methods of installing new lateral pipe.

“Although pipebursting laterals has been used since 1994, from our perspective we are only scratching the surface for sewer lateral applications,” Brahler says. “There are still many contractors, municipalities and engineers that have never heard of pipebursting. They are unaware that pipebursting is a viable proven alternative, another tool for their tool box. For contractors, the procedure can save time and money.”

However, awareness is growing. The best “advertising” for the process, Brahler believes, comes from satisfied system owners and contractors who have successfully executed lateral pipebursting projects.

“Our buried infrastructure,” he concludes, “will be addressed and pipebursting can play a significant role in restoring sewer system infrastructure, including both laterals and mains.”

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