Dealing With The Unexpected - What To Do When Things Don't Go As Planned

15th In A Series From The IPBA
By Matt Timberlake, President, Ted Berry Trenchless Technologies Team LLC | August 2012, Vol. 67 No. 8

What if the ground heaves during the burst? Ground heave is an anticipated calculation done prior to a burst which takes into account the inner diameter (ID) of the existing pipe and the outside diameter (OD) of the expander which is sized +/- 20 percent larger than the OD of the new pipe being installed. Potential impacts of ground heave should be determined prior to the start of a burst. However, in some cases ground heave will subside within 24 hours of an installation as the ground "relaxes" back into contact with the new pipe. Under pavement, severe cases of heave can be ground down after the installation and surface restoration of the pavement complete. In any event, it is important to have a clear level of expectation of a project and all stakeholders in agreement of the decision making process in the field to modify or alter an existing plan.

Although this is a very basic look at some of the potential problems and potential remedies, it is important to keep in mind that the most important thing to have on site is an experienced project team and solid contingency plans for unanticipated situations. The success rate of pipe bursting throughout the world is very high. By continuing efforts to increase the knowledge base of those associated with pipe bursting in North America, the IPBA strives to influence future success and growth of pipe bursting and its practical applications.

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