December Rehab News: Inland acquires tech group, Grout Boot Camp Jan. 26 and more

December 2009 Vol. 64 No. 12
Ladtech HDPE rings are used as a lightweight, durable sewer chimney construction material.

Nu Flow will serve as the exclusive distributor in the U.S. for the Inversion and Pipes-Down-Under solutions. The Inversion technology enables the rollout of an epoxy-saturated liner from a single entry access point – it cures-in-place inside the host pipe, forming a strong permanent structural liner. The Pipes-Down-Under solution offers an effective alternative to digging and replacing damaged pool plumbing. Nu Flow will serve as the exclusive distributor in the U.S. excluding the southeast for the Neofit solution. Neofit is a versatile service pipe relining system that is a cost effective solution for the renovation of service pipes suffering from water quality problems and leakage.

Edina, MN, solves age-old manhole problem
Like every other municipality in the U.S., the Minneapolis suburb of Edina (population: 45,500) has an ongoing problem with manholes. In a typical year, several dozen of the city’s 3,000 manholes need to be rehabilitated because their "chimneys" have deteriorated.

The chimney, which is the section of the manhole immediately under the cover frame, is a necessity. Each chimney must be custom-built to leave the cover and its frame flush with the road surface. In the 19th century, workers constructed manhole chimneys with bricks and mortar. Beginning around 1900, most chimneys were built with multi-decker sandwiches of thin concrete rings and mortar.

Roger Glanzer, Edina’s utility superintendent, says the concrete rings are not a good solution: “Over the years, we’ve had problems with the concrete rings because of the freeze-thaw cycle. They break so you get silt, rocks and water flowing in and then the roadway above starts to collapse.”

Glanzer says collapsed chimneys cause two problems. First, they allow storm water into the sanitary sewer system, which forces the city to treat water that shouldn’t be there and doesn’t need treatment. Second, each collapse results in a pothole that becomes a road hazard and requires additional repair.
Another issue is that building a concrete chimney requires a certain level of masonry skill, and not every worker possesses that skill.

Ladtech’s rings are easier and faster to install and require little skill. Furthermore, they weigh about 1/100th of the weight of concrete rings, so they’re much easier to transport and handle.