Deere Designs New G-Series Excavators, 755K Crawler Loader

June 2011 Vol. 66 No. 6

755K Crawler Loader
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Yet another collaborative effort is the new 755K crawler loader that features productivity enhancements and a new IT4-certified diesel engine to help contractors to get more work done with less noise and fewer emissions.

According to Dan Drescher, crawler product marketing manager for John Deere Construction & Forestry, “The 755K incorporates several enhancements that not only increase productivity, but respond to individual operator preferences, such as the V-pattern or joystick transmission control option. There’s also a rear ripper design to help turn materials, a viscous-mounted cab for noise suppression, and increased serviceability to make daily maintenance easier.”

Many of the contractors that collaborated with Deere on the 755K design also asked for a crawler loader built in the U.S. “General excavating and earthmoving contractors now have a North American-built crawler loader tailored to their needs that can easily tackle a wide variety of regional terrain conditions,” Drescher said.

The 755K crawler loader has powertrain and track system technology designed for Deere’s new, powerful 850K crawler dozer. Together with an IT4-certified engine, the crawler loader reaches best-in-class performance targets for hydraulic hp, lift capacity, drawbar pull and engine power boost.

“With 190 hp, the 755K also has a higher maximum hinge pin clearance than the competition, more dump clearance and more static tipping load capacity,” said Drescher. “The bottom-line result is greater productivity.”

The 755K also features a number of cab improvements to increase operator comfort. The viscous cab mounting reduces noise from vibration while double laminated rear window glass and complete interior sound-dampening treatment significantly reduce noise levels.
Other cab conveniences include a sealed switch module with keyless start, security mode with auto shutdown, and a diagnostic monitor that’s both easy to read and provides machine condition information at a glance.

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