Democratic future darkens prospects for LNG approvals

By Stephen Barlas, Washington Editor | January 2009 Vol. 64 No. 1

Bob Braddock, project manager for Jordan Cover Energy Project LP, says the incoming Obama administration “doesn’t particularly change the landscape” for LNG approvals at FERC. Even if FERC approves the next two Oregon projects, the state will only grant the necessary local permits to one of the three Oregon projects. Despite Wyden’s effort to eliminate FERC’s sole siting authority, Braddock thinks Oregon still holds the final card via its control of the granting of local permits. He, of course, hopes that FERC will approve Jordan Cove, whose principal partner with regard to the terminal is Fort Chicago Energy Partners, the company which owns the Alliance pipeline. Braddock says Jordan Cove has been working closely with the state even prior to the passage of the FERC “supremacy” amendment to the 2005 energy bill. “We have never hid under FERC’s skirts,” Braddock states. “Our relationship with the state is well established.”