Design underway on Fort Worth’s Village Creek Interceptors

July 2013, Vol. 68, No. 7

Design of 4,000 linear feet (LF) of 12-inch water main and 5,124 LF of large diameter sanitary sewer interceptors are being undertaken by RJN Group Inc. (RJN) for the city of Fort Worth, TX. The interceptors are in four locations in a predominately commercial and industrial area adjacent to a historic neighborhood.

In the first location 1,762 LF of 54-inch sanitary sewer improvements crossing Lake Arlington will be designed using open-cut, trenchless and CIPP rehabilitation methods. A U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permit will be obtained for the water crossings in this location.

Trenchless and open-cut techniques will also be utilized on the second location where RJN is designing 986 LF of existing 36-inch and 983 LF of existing 30-inch sanitary sewer replacement mains. RJN will evaluate the feasibility of combining these pipes together into a single sewer main, which would cross State Highway 303 and several 12-inch high pressure gas and salt water return mains. A capacity analysis will be performed.

The third location is in Quail Lane along the Lake Arlington shore line. The project location consists of the design of 1,393 LF of existing 39-inch sanitary sewer main which will be performed as a combination of open replacement and CIPP rehabilitation methods.

The fourth and final location involves improving water service to the Exelon Power Plant (a local peaking electric generating facility) and surrounding areas. To extend a redundant water supply feed, RJN is designing 4,000 LF of new 12-inch water mains. This line would be constructed by trenchless and open cut methods and includes a railroad and highway (Highway 303) utility crossings.

The design is scheduled to be completed by January 2014, with construction beginning thereafter.