The Development Of St. Petersburg’s Water Resources Department Succession Plan

By Dwight D. Wilson, City of St. Petersburg, FL | November 2012, Vol. 67, No. 11

When we first presented financial education and wealth building as the fourth component, many were unclear and even skeptical as to how this would impact our succession plan. We wanted to give all of our staff the basic tools for budgeting and also help them to be more responsible in the area of money management. We hosted deferred compensation sessions and taught courses in the areas of budget 101, identity theft and financial planning, just to name a few. We facilitated a Financial and Wealth Building Fair where area banks, credit unions and financial institutions came in to discuss financial matters one-on-one with staff.

We have staff that have transferred to other divisions within our department that would have never done so without our succession plan. Additional skill set learning has become more of the norm than the exception and this culture change has resulted in internal promotions that historically might not have happened.

These are just a few initiatives that are happening in our department that are making a huge and positive difference in our workforce and our plan for future success as a strong and viable utility.

St. Petersburg Water Resources Department Succession Plan is working and we want to share it with others in the industry.

Dwight D. Wilson is the assistant director of the Water Resources Department for the city of St. Petersburg, FL.