Direct Pipe Method Proves Comes To U.S.

November 2011, Vol. 66 No. 11

Another advantage is that the annular gap created with the Direct Pipe method is only one-to-two inches larger than the product pipe which allows the borehole to be much smaller than using conventional methods which reduces the risk for road collapse. It is also recognized for being able to maneuver around underground utility lines that may obstruct the path of the pipeline.

The Direct Pipe method was chosen for the Highway 70 site to allow REM Directional to cross under the roadway and five canals. To avoid breaching the canals and/or causing any disruption to this sensitive environment, they had to achieve minimum soil coverage of six feet from the bottom of the canal down to the top of the pipe.

The REM team successfully completed two additional bores on the West side of Florida. The purpose of these installations was to provide natural gas to a power plant to generate electricity for approximately one million households in each region. This particular installation required obtaining authorization from the Florida DOT to commence work. Since it was the inaugural installation, REM Directional went directly to the DOT, explained the Direct Pipe method, presented an informational DVD along with machine specifications and gained approval to proceed with the installation.

Perhaps one of the best advantages of using the Direct Pipe method is it only requires a minimal amount of room for set up on the launch side of the bore. In fact, the average space for set up of the launch pad is only a 6 feet x 20 feet x 80 feet sheet pile pit. Once the launch pad has been erected, the product pipe is set on rollers behind the launch pit. The Direct Pipe set-up results in using less manpower and equipment and causes less disruption to the environment. Regarding the first installation, Joel Colgrove, owner of REM Directional said, “It took a lot of thought process prior to the initial setup; however, once we implemented the method in the field, it went very well.

Additional advantages of using the Direct Pipe method include the following: reduction in exposure to environmental hazards, elimination of road settlement, prevention of potential damage to any infrastructure and a reduction in the amount of stress applied to the product pipe during installation.

Throughout the bore, a maximum pressure pushed was only 70,000 lbs., which reduced stress on the equipment and pipe.

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