DIRT Info Proves Invaluable

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | April 2013, Vol. 68 No. 4
Robert Kipp, president of the Common Ground Alliance.

Prospective participants were assured the information would be secure and confidential and could never be used for enforcement purposes or to attempt to determine damage liability and that the data will be analyzed and the findings issued via comprehensive reports.

“Participation has increased every year,” Kipp said. “The database now contains more than 220,000 incidents from 2011 alone and is increasing every day. DIRT has become a comprehensive source of information about the root causes of facility strikes.
The 2011 report (the most recent) identified these root causes:
• Notification not made -- 26 percent;
• Locating practices insufficient -- 22 percent; and
• Excavation practices not sufficient -- 41 percent.

Details in each category help identify steps that can be taken to reduce the number of such hits in the future.

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