Ditch Witch Summer Road Show Attracts 800 Customers

August 2010 Vol. 65 No. 8

At many tour stops, the large directional drills and the pipe bursting system were among the more popular items. The PR100 pipe bursting system caught the attention of many city officials who were considering ways to replace or repair their aging water and sewer lines. They were able to witness the efficient pipe-replacement capability of the PR100, which pulls new pipe through existing pipe without having to dig a trench or disturb surrounding infrastructure.

Because they are designed for efficient drilling in rock, the JT100 All Terrain and JT4020 All Terrain horizontal directional drills were big hits in San Antonio, as well as other locations, because the city has a great deal of rocky soil. During the San Antonio visit, a heavy rainstorm left a large amount of standing water around the demonstration area. "This actually turned out to be good because it gave us the opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of our FX60 [vacuum excavation system]," said Rupp.

Despite the exhausting travel and workload, the occasional setback (a flat tire in a remote area on a Sunday), and temperatures topping 100 degrees during most customer events, Rupp pronounced The Big Texas Road Show "a huge success."

"Some of the dealerships were initially concerned about the customer turnout, but it was the quality of customer that was most important," he said. "Busy people do not leave work [to attend these events] unless they are serious about additional equipment needs; the customers who came to see our equipment came with real purchasing in mind. One customer drove four hours to see our show in El Paso.

"Over the course of The Big Texas Road Show we hosted 700 to 800 of these customers. I’d say we were successful with over 700 of the best customers in Texas. There will be customers in Texas talking about this for months to come."