Downhole Directional Drilling Tools: Equipment Spotlight

March 2013, Vol. 68 No. 3
Hunting Trenchless drill pipe.

Straighline_drill tool_equip spot1.jpg
Straightline’s Sabre bit delivers the edge you need in those tough ground conditions, where cutting that hard pan or steering in cobble is key. Compatible with Ditch Witch and Vermeer, Sabre boasts precision placed carbide that is placed inside the bit body to allow for excellent steering characteristics and minimal drag in the hole. 800.654.3484,

Condux Intl.
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Condux International offers the complete line of Triple D HDD and compaction boring tools and equipment. Products include reamers, paddle bits and sonde housings for HDD applications and a wide range of compaction boring tools. Triple D is a leader in the manufacturing of high quality underground construction equipment. Working directly with the electrical contracting, electrical utility, telecom and CATV industries, Condux offers the highest quality tools, engineered to reduce installation time and increase safety. 800.533.2077,

Ditch Witch
Ditch Witch_drill tool_equip spot1.jpg
The TriHawk HD housing offers a number of patented features designed to enhance the efficiency of directional drilling, including a square drive spline that enables operators to quickly and easily change tooling as downhole conditions change. Another patented feature is a boltless, pinned-lid system that provides exceptional protection for—and easy removal of—the tracking electronics. With its innovative, high-flow design, TriHawk has the power and volume necessary to also run two other types of trenchless systems: mud motors and air hammers. 800.654.6481,