Downhole Directional Drilling Tools: Equipment Spotlight

March 2012, Vol. 67 No. 3
The Ballantine Hurricane Collar

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Armadrillco has discovered that by combining the proper generator, the correct gearhead and a suitable counterbalance, sufficient power can be provided to operate a Transmitter indefinitely. Operationally, the Generator rotates with the drill stem as a counterbalance that is attached to the rotor is held in-place by gravity. This provides the relative motion between the rotor and the stator that is needed to produce power. Since power is not produced when the drill stem is not being rotated, Armadrillco also includes a rechargeable power cell to operate the transmitter when the drill stem is steady. By providing a ready supply of energy when the driller needs it, there aren’t any stressful “trip-outs” or replacing of expensive batteries. 817.529.3300,

Melfred Borzall
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When you encounter cobbles and rocky conditions and need a successful bore the first time out, the bit you want at the end of your drill stem is Melfred Borzall’s new Iron Fist. The contoured design and carbide cutters make the Iron Fist ideal for cobblestone conditions. The main carbide cutters in front are positioned to allow the operator to “rock” the bit through rock and cobble. Balanced, compact cutters facilitate downhole stability and are less likely to hang up on cobbles. Cutters are strategically placed to protect the edges of the steer face. The Iron Fist features wrench flats for easy removal, a built-in check valve and ¼ inch recessed water holes to prevent clogging. The Iron Fist is one tough, long-wearing bit. 800.833.1252,

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INROCK has a complete assortment of drill bits for drilling formations from soft soils to ultra hard rock, applications with motors, steerable jets, or straight boring. INROCK has the expertise to assist you in selecting the correct bit for the formation or to design pilot hole drilling assemblies to provide the lowest drilling cost per foot. Pilot Hole Drill Bits are key components of the drilling package. All the other components work in conjunction with the drill bit to cut the rock face. Drill Bits are available in a variety of cutting structure designs specific to different rock types. Their proven ruggedness and versatility provide HDD contractors the most cost effective cutting tool for drilling rock applications. 713.690.5600,

BJM pump

BJM pump
BJM Pump

The J-Series electric submersible pumps offer top performance and high quality for a very modest investment. The pumps are designed for long life and trouble free performance. The J-Series electric submersible pumps offer top performance and high quality for a very modest investment.