Drilling Deeper: Beyond The Purchase Price

September 2013, Vol. 68 No. 9

“They can be doing the work, tracking and recording it, but also checking over the rig for other possible problems. Having these records at the time of reselling could potentially help enhance the resale. Probably the simplest thing contractors can do is keep the machine clean. Appearance goes a long way in enhancing resale value.”

Many drills are now equipped with onboard diagnostic systems that monitor primary operating functions and help keep equipment operating at peak efficiency. Onboard diagnostics systems help protect contractors’ equipment investments, while also playing an integral role in maximizing drilling performance. The ability to monitor operating functions also helps operators extend the useful lifespan of equipment. A simple example would be the devices that monitor heat any time the drill is operating under stressful, challenging conditions.

“Such diagnostic components have been placed there to help drive efficiencies, and hopefully improve and reduce cost of operation while protecting engines from overworking, or worse, underachieving,” Sebolt says.


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