Duke's Root Control, Inc.

Duke’s Root Control does it all! Established in 1979, Duke’s has 35 years of experience and nearly 250 million feet of treated sewer lines across the United States.

Root control by Duke’s Root Control and RootX.

Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor

One day last March, a Duke’s Root Control crew achieved a significant milestone when it applied root treatment chemicals to the company’s 200 millionth foot of sewer pipe.

Root Control from Duke's Root Control and RootX.

Root control products from Vaporooter, Duke's Root Control, RootX


Root control products from Duke's Root Control, RootX and Vaporooter.

Duke’s certified applicators use specialized equipment to fill the affected sewer pipe with thick herbicidal foam to control root infiltration.

Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor

The city of Huntsville, AL recently completed one of the largest sanitary sewer chemical root control projects in the country.

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