Editor's Log: Christmas Wishes

By Robert Carpenter, Editor | December 2009 Vol. 64 No. 12

Understanding: I’m sure many of our readers have felt, much like me, that the needs of the underground infrastructure has been a cry in the wilderness – our elected officials, in general, failed to hear that cry and mass media ignored it, choosing to cover nonsensical news. But when one of America’s flagship newspapers, albeit with a recently tarnished reputation, starts a series called “Toxic Waters," there is hope that a comprehension of the desperate state of America’s infrastructure may finally be reaching the masses. The New York Times' most recent installment in this series, "As Sewers Fill, Waste Poisons Waterways," stresses the severity of our aged and failing sewer/water infrastructure, ill-equipped to deal with current needs, let alone the future.

Tolerance: Political correctness has its place, but enough is enough. I know it’s PC to not use “Christmas,” but I find that being intolerant. Rather, shouldn’t those who are so concerned about political correctness be tolerant of the vast majority of Americans who prefer to keep the holidays a celebration of Christmas?

Generosity: Our government tends to be generous to a fault – a very large fault. Here’s to wishing the government would quit being so generous to lost causes, wasted efforts and undeserving initiatives. Then reclaim and funnel those wasted billions into an investment in America to such worthy – and critical – causes such as replacing our crumbling and dangerous infrastructure that is threatening to send our health standards back to third world status.

Sensitivity: Well, I’ve never been accused over being over-sensitive, so why start now?

Faith: As we all try to pierce the veil of the unknown into 2010, trying to gain just a sliver of insight, we have to keep believing that the underground pipeline and utilities markets will weather the economic storm and begin to experience a turn-around. Some would argue that 2010 will be another poor year. I would counter that experience and trends indicate otherwise. I truly believe we will stabilize and slowly see improvement in 2010. Or perhaps I’m just keeping the faith.

Happiness: See all of the above.

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays or whatever floats your PC boat . . .

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