Editor's Log: Faux Experts

December 2013, Vol. 68 No. 12

Of course, the reality is that I am in no way, shape or form prepared to take to the Silver Screen, nor do I believe that a reality show about my life as a business media editor would make for quality and exciting TV.

Apparently, being a mass media darling tends to warp common sense and inject an air of arrogance into the personality of many. The list of celebrities that have become political activists and experts based upon a casual conversation or unsubstantiated propaganda is far too long. Being “pc” is more important than facts. Never has the old adage about any publicity is better than none been more accurate.

Not to say all of these people are supporting potentially damaging causes just because it’s popular to do so. Some probably actually believe they are trying to save the world from corporate greed or the despicable energy and pipeline companies. My gripe is that these people are woefully misinformed, misled and have failed to seek the complete story – which is rarely reflective of the propaganda they are regurgitating in front of cameras, photo ops and in tweets.

Hollywood latches onto a seemingly popular cause without any attempt to understand the big picture. They act as leaders, people of influence, trying to rally the uninformed to their misguided mission. They are, in their own minds, experts in fields which they have no training, education or even in-depth knowledge.

But knowledge without basis and leadership without justification are egregious attacks on the public well-being. When the public is without jobs, when the economy languishes, when people must face the consequences of over-reacting, knee-jerk actions that ultimately could scuttle the high standards of living we enjoy today, Hollywood zealots may ultimately find no one cares what they are espousing anymore, especially when we can’t afford to go to movies or pay the cable bill.

Arrogance without reason or perspective can solidify one’s place in history not as a great actor, but as the village idiot who misled our country into an unnecessary energy and economic disaster.

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