Editor's Log: Raising The Rehab Bar

By Robert Carpenter, Editor | March 2010 Vol. 65 No. 3

Now, a new wave is growing. NASSCO Technical Director Gerry Muenchmeyer completed development of a pilot CIPP Inspector Training Program about two years ago. It was much discussed – and cussed – and extensively beta tested. But by 2009, this extensive, two-day training program was rolled out to rave reviews and has already began to fundamentally change the way many cities go about inspecting CIPP installations. Contractors participating in the training now have a better understanding of what is expected – and needed – from projects. Look for this program to have a very positive effect on the CIPP industry.

Next up, Muenchmeyer is already nearing completion of a Pipebursting Inspector Training Program. Pipebursting in another extremely effective and often misunderstood trenchless method. The market upside for pipebursting is tremendous but the industry comfort zone with the technology lags behind. The inspector training program could very well provide an excellent assist.

Also helping the pipebursting market continue its growth momentum are the renewed efforts of the International Pipe Bursting Association, a division of NASSCO. At the recent Underground Construction Technology Conference in Tampa, the IPBA held what amounted to a revitalization meeting. The 20-plus contractors and manufacturers at the meeting reorganized and refocused the IPBA, and have embarked on a campaign to assist in further market development, education and leadership.

The North American Society for Trenchless Technology also has been tackling industry education, one of its defined objectives, through a series of Good Practices courses designed to provide detailed overviews of technologies. NASTT provides those courses in a variety of locations across the country and continues to expand those programs.

Kudos to NASSCO, IPBA and NASTT for bringing relevant information to North America. In the long run, these programs will serve to elevate the rehabilitation industry to the next level.

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