Editor's Log: San Bruno Report Clears Pipebursting; Rehab Zone's Faith In Industry; UCT Program Announced

September 2011, Vol. 66 No. 9

It was a simple concept; that by growing the industry through unbiased, generic information, everyone prospers in the long run. Early on, detractors said the idea was overly idealistic and had no chance of succeeding. Fortunately, those who supported the RehabZone during its developmental years had faith in industry. That faith has been rewarded to a degree that has shocked even the most ardent RehabZone supporters.

The RehabZone was an instant success as it cut through the hype and hysteria, presented facts, provided tactile displays and demonstrations, and through it all, has maintained a strict “no-sale” policy so that information gathered in the ’Zone is not tainted. The policy has always been that if people want specific information, a list of UCT exhibitors is then provided so they can pursue that information at their discretion outside of the RehabZone. But while in the ’Zone, proprietary discussions are banned. RehabZone attendees can look, touch, observe and ask questions at their leisure – all without any sales pressure.

The overall rehabilitation industry has grown at a phenomenal rate – even during slow economic conditions – and continues to do so. For 10 years, the RehabZone has proved invaluable for thousands of industry personnel. The concept keeps growing, more people are getting involved each year and the rehabilitation market continues to prosper. Sometimes it pays to have a little faith in our industry to do the right thing.

UCT Education Program details announced
It’s that time of the year again when the much-anticipated educational program is announced for the Underground Construction Technology International Conference & Exhibition. UCT will be held in San Antonio, Jan. 24-26 with pre- and post-show programs offering even more vital learning and training opportunities. Check out all the details at www.uctonline.com.

The program doesn’t pull punches. People don’t come to UCT to learn more about the obvious or overdone topics, be overwhelmed with technical jargon or sit through routine case history presentations. They come to UCT for factual, timely and beneficial information. That’s a weighty responsibility for the various program committees to shoulder each year. But it’s also what has made the UCT Educational Program the benchmark by which other programs are measured.

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