Effective Point Repair Of Laterals

Laterals – 4th In A Series
January 2011 Vol. 66 No. 1

“Chemical grout,” Anctil said, “is pumped through two different hoses and mixed within the grouting chamber and pressure injected through the pipe defects and out into the soil (pipe bedding) where they saturate and fill voids in the bedding and react into a gel to form a watertight matrix around the lateral preventing ground water infiltration and sewer exfiltration. This external repair also prevents the loss of fine bedding materials entering the sewer system through pipe defects and eventually creating voids around the structure.”

Grouting usually is performed at the lateral/mainline connection and the first one to six feet of the lateral. Grouting can also be performed along the entire length of the lateral at mainline joints.

When using chemical grouts, it is critical to follow safety precautions for the product.

“Avanti International established a training guide many years ago to protect contractors and the environment from any potential hazards,” said Magill. “As recommended when using any household chemical, follow the Safe Operating Procedures as defined by the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) when handling, mixing and storing chemical grouts.

Magill said training for the application of chemical grouts used to control I&I includes:
• Understanding the personal protective equipment necessary for the product and its correct use;
• Fully understanding and applying instructions of material safety data sheets;
• Carefully following mixing instructions;
• Understand the use of additives;
• Practice good housekeeping in the work area; and
• Follow storage requirements and use proper storage facilities.

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