Effective Referral Programs

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | September 2008 Vol. 63 No. 9

"A proactive referral process," continues Adamchik, "approaches key individuals directly for high quality referrals. Bonuses paid when hires are made are grossed up to cover taxes."

In Best of Class programs, Adamchik says a program coordinator personally contacts referrals within 48 hours of his or her name's submission.

"Referring team members," he continues, "are kept in the loop through a web portal that provides status of referrals, and they are notified by e mail when a referral has been contacted, an interview is scheduled, and when a post interview decision about hiring has been made.

Surveys are periodically conducted to measure how easy the referral process is to use, employee motivation and their willingness to make referrals, to document referral experiences and to monitor overall employee satisfaction with the program.

Periodically focus groups meet to provide feedback about the program's operation and to generate new ideas.