Emerging Technology Program launched

April 2012, Vol. 67 No. 4

“This initiative fills an important need for energy efficiency programs at today’s natural gas utilities,” says Bob Fegan, principal energy analyst at DTE Energy, who has been a driving force in launching the collaborative. “As energy efficiency programs mature, emerging technologies will become an even more important component in achieving the energy savings goals of our industry. This program is a major step in the right direction.”
Project opportunities for 2012 include combination space/water heater systems for the residential and small commercial sectors, high-efficiency gas heating rooftop packages for the commercial sector, and a boiler retrofit technology that promotes significant energy and water savings for the commercial and industrial sectors.

“We have a strong foundational base of support from the industry. It’s a great opportunity to join together and accelerate market acceptance of emerging technology. The larger the group, the more powerful presence we have, so we aspire to add more members and continue to build on the program,” notes Kerr.