Equipment Spotlight: Backhoe Loaders

February 2011, Vol. 66 No. 2
Case’s new N Series loader/backhoe

The Volvo center-mount backhoe loaders are fitted with Volvo’s D5D Tier 3 fuel-efficient, high-performance engines with high torque and powerful breakout capabilities. The 90-hp Volvo BL70 has a dig depth of 14 feet 9 inches, an operating weight of 17,248 pounds, a bucket capacity of 1.3 cubic yards, a loader lift capacity of 6,953 pounds and a breakout force of 12,445 pounds. The 83-hp Volvo BL60 has a dig depth of 14 feet 5 inches, an operating weight of 16,178 pounds, a bucket capacity of 1 cubic yard, a loader lift capacity of 5,460 pounds and a breakout force of 11,330 pounds. Both models can be equipped with a variety of attachments for specific job applications and have standard Volvo hydrostatic steering and load-sensing hydraulic systems. 828.650.2000,

The 450E Backhoe Loader, in the 17-foot dig depth class, has 124 net hp and a backhoe digging depth of 17 feet 3 inches when equipped with a standard stick. The extendible stick pushes the 450E digging depth to 21 feet 4 inches. The general-purpose loader bucket is 1.75 cubic yards capacity. The high rotation backhoe linkage eliminates the need to change pin position when moving from loading trucks to vertical wall trenching. Four-wheel drive improves traction and machine balance. Ride control improves operator comfort at all speeds and reduces spillage when the bucket is full. A four-cylinder diesel engine has 4.4 liters displacement.

New Holland Construction
New Holland_E50_equipspot.jpg
The B Series line of loader backhoes includes the B90B, B95B, B95B TC, B95B LR, B110B and B115B. The B Series models range in gross horsepower from 95 to 110 and feature Tier III certified turbo-charged 4.5-liter engines. The loader backhoes excel in tough digging conditions, with loader breakout forces ranging from 12,169 to 15,212 pounds. The units feature a curved, narrow boom design. Not only does the design lower transport height and increase digging power, it also provides excellent visibility. The slim cab pillars and sloped hood allow excellent visibility to the front edge of the loader bucket.