Equipment Spotlight: Compact Track Loaders

October 2009 Vol. 64 No. 10
Bobcat's T630 compact track loader.

John Deere
The Deere CT 322 compact track loader features two-speed transmission, hydraulic Quik-Tatch, a self-leveling bucket, high-flow hydraulics and a comfortable HVAC system. The instrumentation panel displays operating information and features sealed, easy-to-operate rocker switches. Deere’s patented true vertical lift boom provides greater stability in the work zone (ground level to six feet) with reach at full lift height for center load placement during truck loading operations. Large diameter idlers enhance the ride and durability of the steel reinforced rubber track, while a patented undercarriage design allows the front idler and front roller to move in tandem for a smoother ride. Additionally, lifetime seals and durable all-steel double flange rollers and idlers ensure a longer-lasting undercarriage that will not deteriorate and degrade over time like rubber-coated rollers. 800.503.3373,

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