Equipment Spotlight: Downhole Directional Drilling Tools

March 2011, Vol. 66 No. 3

Melfred Borzall
The Steep Taper Ultra Bit 3 performs in hard, compact soil and gravel conditions. A 4-inch and a 5-inch model are available. For ground where it is hard to do directional “pushes”, the Steep Taper Ultra Bit 3’s conical carbide cutters set at an aggressive angle to get through cobbles. A center point tooth provides easier penetration. A chunky carbide hardfacing the entire length of blade gives maximum longevity to the bit. The Steep Taper offers a low-profile, tapered design to minimize torque stealing drag. 800.558.7500,

American Augers
The BULLDOG reamer is a three-fluted cone shaped semi-compactor that is excellent for compactable soil and it can survive in intermittent rock. This reamer has lots of replaceable jets for pressure tuning and easy repair of “washed out” jets plenty of carbide teeth to make small cuttings and to survive if a tooth is lost. Its heat-treated 4140 aircraft alloy one piece shaft for excellent thread life and abrasion resistance. To help resist cracking and extend the life of the cutters, the BULLDOG is made of tungsten carbide with cobalt added. For pulling into the vices for makeup and breakout, the BULLDOG has an eight-inch of shaft out front. 800.324.4930,

Horizontal Technology
The RockReamer is a versatile, cost effective hole opener for HDD – cutting downtime as easily as it cuts rock. It pushes or pulls with the same body and cutters, and one body opens to six sizes. RockReamer advantages include: increased on-bottom rotating time minimizes cutter cost and trip time; cutters and arms are easily changed in the field without torches and welders; additional nozzles in pockets improve performance; carbide inserts reduce wear; unique arm design increase strength and downhole hours; and milltooth and TCI cutters are available. 713.774.5594,