Equipment Spotlight: Drilling Fluids/Polymers

March 2011, Vol. 66 No. 3
Baroid's Quik Mud Gold.

For directional drilling jobs, Wyo-Ben has developed drilling fluid additives including Tru-Bore, Extra High Yield Gel, Uni-Drill, Kwik-Vis “D”, Borzan and Wyo-Vis. These products are recognized for their ability to build viscosity fast in difficult drilling situations with a low investment. By putting technology in the bag, the contractor is able to use less, purchase less, handle less and dispose of less without compromising a project’s success. 800.548.7055,

Kem-Tron Technologies
KEM-TRON_eq spot.jpg
Kem-Tron is an established leader in providing environmentally acceptable products to the drilling industry. Kem-Tron offers a wide variety of polymers for water based drilling muds. The polymers provide rheological control, borehole stability, lubricity, fluid loss control and drill solids encapsulation, in temperatures up to 200 degrees Centigrade. Kem-Tron also has the capability to tailor polymers to meet specific needs. 281.261.5778,