Equipment Spotlight: Padding/Spoils Handling

May 2014, Vol. 69 No. 5
ALLU's DL series screening buckets

Felco Industries
Felco_equip spot2_padding-spoils.jpg
Felco’s custom built Backfill Conveyor allows the excavator operator to place material in the hopper, and send it the length of the conveyor into the trench (past the trench box) where the material is accessible for compaction. The Felco Backfill Conveyor removes truck requirements from the trenching operation and eliminates spoil stockpiling to maximize digging time. The conveyors are available with a custom swivel conveyor option that can be attached directly below the end of the main conveyor. The swivel conveyor can be rotated to allow the operator to place the spoils exactly where they are needed. 800.221.5427,