Equipment Spotlight: Pipe & Joint Fusion Equipment

February 2011, Vol. 66 No. 2
McElroy’s PitBull 26 fusion machine.

Georg Fischer Connectra
GeorgFischer-Connectra-equipspotjpg.jpgConnectra's 28 line of butt fusion equipment allows operators to make high-quality specification joints on 2- to 8-inch HDPE pipe. The hand-powered machine and the sturdy rectangular frame design provides operators with a rigid and safe fusion platform. The machine's hydraulic system is powered by Connectra's rugged, efficient, easy to maintain hand pump; and the ball bearing facer is powered by a durable electric motor. A three-clamp top unit removes for in-the-ditch butt fusion. Other features include a pressure gauge for cylinder pressure; ported for DataConnect or other competitive data recorders; front and rear pipe lifters; manual hydraulic pump with pressure gauge for control of fusion pressures; and a limited three-year warranty. Choose from a complete range of accessories for the 28HP (reducing and mitered inserts (available in IPS, DIPS and metric) stub end holder and pipe stands). 800-654-3872,

Ritmo America
Ritmo_ELEKTRA LINE_equipspot.jpgThe ELEKTRA line of electro fusion machines, made in Italy, is suitable for low voltage welding (8-48 Volts). Elektra LIGHT welds couplings from ½-inch IPS to 4- and 5-inch IPS. Elektra 400 is capable of welding from ½-inch IPS to 16-inch IPS. The strongest model, the Elektra 800, is capable of welding couplings up to 32-inch IPS. All machines are supplied with an optical pen (for bar-code reading), which allows an automatic recognition of the welding parameters (scanner bar code is optional for the 400 and 800 models); internal memory to store the fusion cycles; and USB port and specific software in order to access all the data by PC. 863.679.8655,