Equipment Spotlight: Plastic Pipe Fusion And Fittings

September 2010 Vol. 65 No. 9
McElroy's PitBull 26 fusion machine at work.

Footage Tools
Footage Tools_sattool.jpg
Footage Tools offers a precision saddle fusion system for 1 1/4 inch to 4-inch polyethylene natural gas mains. A patented self-leveling plate distributes application force evenly and ensures perfect alignment. It features high strength CNC machined components. A complete fusion system consisting of S.A.T. saddle fusing machine, pipe clamps, heating irons, heater faces and fitting holders for heat fusion of service punch tees, saddles, and high volume fittings to PE natural gas mains. Common upper pressure applier fits all sizes of pipe clamps. 888.737.3668,

Q-TEK's Model 864 saddle fusion machine is designed for use with 4-inch to 8-inch IPS polyethylene pipe. Available in two different top frame models and spindle pressures, the Model 864 is built for years of accurate, dependable service. All Q-TEK liners and tapping tees are interchangeable on all Q-TEK saddle fusion machines. Holders are available for Branch saddles and Multi-saddles. 800.258.7899,

IPEX_electrofusion installation.jpg
For a stronger, more reliable leak-proof seal, Friatec has engineered a smarter than traditional fusion system. Friatec couplings feature an exposed coil design that provides a strong seal. The heat, created by the electrical current passing through the exposed coil, is transferred directly to the PE pipe. And the coil protrudes from the interior surface of the coupling. When the pipe is heated, the coil sinks into it creating a much stronger bond. The Friatec Electrofusion system is ideal for HDD and other trenchless applications. 800.463.9572,