Equipment Spotlight: Rubber Tire Trenchers

December 2010 Vol. 65 No. 12
Ditch Witch's RT24 is a fully hydrostatic, 22.3-hp trencher.

Rubber tire trenchers from Ditch Witch, Astec Underground, Vermeer and Mid America Trenchers.

Ditch Witch

The RT24 is a fully hydrostatic, 22.3-hp trencher designed with more weight on the digging chain, so it can put more product in the ground faster; and its trenching capacities of 48 inches deep and eight inches wide enable a contractor to install a wide variety of utilities and irrigation systems. The chain speed can be adjusted by substituting a 10-tooth sprocket for the standard 12-tooth. Maneuvering in and around jobsites is made easier by the RT24's hydraulic, skid-steer-style steering and high-flotation tires, which provide stability and traction when traveling through rough terrain, across trenches, and over curbs. For added stability and traction, the RT24 can be equipped with heavy-duty tracks that "walk" or oscillate 12 degrees. A special trail wheel that supports the oscillating tracks helps reduce breakover and increase stability over uneven and rough terrain. With the Roto Witch boring attachment, the RT24 helps contractors install utilities beneath driveways, sidewalks and other surface improvements with minimal turf disturbance. A backfill blade eliminates the need for shovels and manual labor. The RT24's hand controls are designed simply—one hand for mobiling, two hands for trenching—and all controls, including the engine throttle, are grouped conveniently at the operator's station. 800.654.6481,