Extreme Pressure Water Line Using Steel-Encased HDPE Pipe Receives Award

October 2013, Vol. 68 No. 10

Additionally, the pipe was delivered to the rugged job site spooled in 600-foot lengths on 13.5-foot reels, which was not possible with steel pipe. This ultimately saved transportation costs and further reduced the impact on the land. The long, continuous lengths that required minimal connections also greatly increased the integrity of the pipeline, provided cost savings and made it possible for it to be installed in a narrow trench and much faster than steel pipe – about one-third the time.”

According to PPI, the spoolable composite pipe structure using PE 4710 allows for the maximization of pipe performance in a system, bringing an excellent level of slow crack growth resistance and enabling a piping system to be operated at high pressure without sacrificing safety or service life.

The FlexSteel crew installed 16,886 feet of its eight-inch, 1,500 psi pipe in three weeks, which met critical project deadlines. Trench depth was five feet. Because FlexSteel pipe can be installed in long, continuous lengths, only 34 connections using 316L stainless steel midlines and flanged end fittings were required for the entire project. The result was significant time and cost savings compared to the more than 400 connections that would have been required for conventional steel pipe. “Because eight-inch diameter FlexSteel pipe is available in 600-foot continuous lengths, there are about 93 percent fewer joints than needed for steel or ductile iron pipe. This enhances the integrity of a pipeline, which was especially important for this project in the mountains of Pennsylvania,” stated Andrew Ethridge, FlexSteel’s director of technical services. 469.499.1044, plasticpipe.org