February 2010 Business: Miller Pipeline, Case, Volvo, Hobas and More

February 2010 Vol. 65 No. 2
Hobas Pipe USA gathered its regional and area managers from across the United States at its Houston, TX, manufacturing facility.

The partnership between the board and Severn Trent will continue to benefit the City and its 26,000 residents in a number of ways. Since the inception of this partnership, plant performance has dramatically improved, allowing the Board and its engineer to concentrate on capital improvement planning. The partnership between the board and Severn Trent has already benefited Prichard’s 26,000 residents. Improved operations and performance that include:

  • Reducing solids inventory
  • Improving discharge quality
  • Introducing an asset management program
  • Identifying capital improvement projects
  • Installing a comprehensive computerized maintenance management that schedules predictive and preventive maintenance

281. 578.4200, severntrentservices.com

Aclara, a leader in Intelligent Infrastructure technologies and part of the Utility Solutions Group of ESCO Technologies Inc., announces that the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) will begin citywide installation of the Aclara STAR Network system in early 2010. The SFPUC, with 170,000 retail customer accounts, will be the first major California water utility to install Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technology to track water consumption.

Over 100 cities have deployed the STAR Network system, including New York City, Boston, Kansas City and Washington, D.C., as well as smaller municipals such as Leesburg, VA; Ann Arbor, MI; Beverly Hills, CA and Corpus Christi, TX. The STAR Network system is configurable to meet the requirements of any size city, employing low-frequency radio signals to transmit meter readings on a schedule determined by the utility.

The new system will send hourly consumption data to the SFPUC four times daily. Currently, most residential water meters in San Francisco are read once every two months and commercial meters are read monthly, with meter readers required to individually visit and read each meter manually. This labor intensive and infrequent process makes it difficult to detect silent leaks, which can result in significant water loss and high water/sewer bills for customers.

Data from the STAR Network system will allow SFPUC staff to immediately flag surges in water consumption and detect possible leaks. Eventually, customers will be able to log on to their own accounts with the SFPUC to monitor their own water consumption habits and billing. 800.297.2728, www.aclara.com

BJM pump

BJM pump
BJM Pump

The J-Series electric submersible pumps offer top performance and high quality for a very modest investment. The pumps are designed for long life and trouble free performance. The J-Series electric submersible pumps offer top performance and high quality for a very modest investment.