First Look: Hammerhead HydraLiner Lateral Lining system

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | March 2013, Vol. 68 No. 3

The wet-out liner is wound into the inversion drum and the trailing end is cuffed to the inversion nozzle. The drum is pressurized and the liner is inverted into the pipe. For heat curing, a boiler or steam generator is then used and the resin cured by circulating hot water or introducing controlled steam within the liner.

Once cured, the newly-lined pipe is inspected/recorded and a sample taken for future reference. All work is performed in conformance with the industry standard for the installation of CIPP, ASTM F 1216 Standard Practice for rehabilitation of existing pipelines and conduits by the inversion and curing of a resin-impregnated tube.

The HydraLiner reconstruction process can be used in a variety of gravity and pressure applications such as sanitary sewers, storm sewers, process piping, electrical conduits and ventilation systems.

HammerHead equipment is sold and serviced by HammerHead Trenchless Equipment, Oconomowoc, WI. Best known for its pipe bursting, pipe ramming, pneumatic piercing tools and downhole tools for horizontal directional drilling, some have expressed surprise that HammerHead has entered the pipe lining market.

However, CIPP lining is a natural extension of the HammerHead product line, said Brian Metcalf, HammerHead chief executive officer.

“In combination with our expertise in pipe bursting,” Metcalf said, “our new CIPP product line provides our customers with a complete trenchless solution for replacing and rehabilitating lateral lines. Our customers demand profitable and effective lateral equipment and rehabilitation methods from a partner they can trust. HammerHead is committed to being a one-stop shop for trenchless pipe bursting and lining solutions for lateral rehabilitation.”


HammerHead, (800) 331-6653,

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