First Look: New Method To Monitor Curing Of CIPP Installations

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | November 2011, Vol. 66 No. 11

“The VeriCure sensor is an optical probe that is pulled into position within the host pipe prior to inverting the liner, or attached to the liner and dragged into the host pipe. It measures just three millimeter in diameter, and most of that cross-section is rugged jacketing designed to ensure performance in harsh environments. The probe lies at the bottom of the pipe, which is typically the slowest region, circumferentially speaking, to heat. Sensors come in stock lengths of 500, 700 and 900 feet and also can be fabricated to custom lengths.

The compact VeriCure command module travels easily in a field-hardened case. On the job, users simply boot it up, connect the probe and begin monitoring temperature.

“The software supplied with VeriCure is tailored to CIPP professionals,” said Wells. “It delivers real-time data to help control cure for maximum quality and efficiency, and it summarizes the completed process with a succinct report for the asset owner. In each measurement zone, the software verifies that cure temperate has been met and maintained for the appropriate amount of time, and then that cool-down happens at the specified rate. By aggregating this zone data, VeriCure is able to give simple indications of when cure temperature has been reached, and when cure and cool-down are complete. Final data is summarized elegantly in a gradient chart whose axes represent time and distance, and whose color represents temperature.”

Pipeline Renewal Technologies is an Envirosight company focused exclusively on the pipeline rehabilitation market, offering technologies for no-dig structural lateral connection, lateral reinstatement cutting, durable point repair, and dimensional and thermal measurement. Pipeline Renewal Technologies is a member of NASTT and NASSCO.

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