Fisheye Cameras Another Giant Leap For Pipeline Inspection

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | October 2009 Vol. 64 No. 10
Envirosight Digisewer

Envirosight LLC, (Digisewer equipment), Michael Russin, advanced technology manager: Digisewer takes an analog video signal produced by the camera and converts it to a digital signal by means of an internal digital video card. The system's software captures a frontal and side image of the pipe and stitches these images together for viewing and annotation. This is done without stopping to pan or tilt for defects which allows the operator to safely move the crawler from point A to point B as quickly as possible.

Primary benefits of the system are:

• Speed – Data can be collected at speeds as fast as 70 feet per minute providing double or triple the amount of data that can be collected compared to other inspection methods;
• Deliverable data – Digisewer produces accurate, deliverable information and detail that allows the end user to easily measure and verify existing defects and observations within millimeters of accuracy;
• Small file size – Digisewer file sizes are 3 to 10 times smaller than those of other methods of inspection on the market.; and
• 100 percent inspection – Moving the camera through a pipe without stopping ensures nothing is missed.

Russin cited several features that sets Digisewer apart from other fisheye systems. “Digisewer's greatest advantage is the crawler that transports it down the pipe itself. Our Rovver and Supervision crawlers are steerable six wheel drive crawlers that allow navigation of difficult pipes. Even though the best scans are captured in line with little or moderate debris, Digisewer can be matched to a specific crawler with specific wheel composition to any pipe material found in the market today. Automatic lift kits, interchangeable crawlers, grease and PVC tires allow the end user to use the best crawler set up for any pipe application.

‘Digisewer offers the distinct advantage of allowing both pan/tilt and digital side wall scanning within the same system. It also works with existing IPEK Rovver systems – more than 1,000 systems are in use in North America today. Therefore, an upgrade for current users requires only the purchase of a scanning camera and software. Digisewer also is compatible with the IPEK Supervision crawler with lateral launch capability. Small, easy to handle files can be integrated into existing network services with data from 15,000 feet requiring only 5 GB.”

Digisewer is manufactured by IPEK Spezial TV a subsidiary of IDEX. Envirosight is the distributor of IPEK products for the North and South American markets and currently IPEK's largest distributor.

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