Florida DOT Approves Project Switch To Slide Rail

November 2012, Vol. 67, No. 11
When Haleakala encountered bore-ins or needed to install a manhole with leads, they used Quicksheet Guideframe.

“With the linear design, Haleakala is able to install pipe in the front ‘bays’ between the linear posts, while backfilling and removing the system in the back,” explained Brian Campbell, Professional Shoring’s senior Slide Rail installer who assisted the Haleakala crew with the initial installation of the system. “Then, the panels and posts that are pulled from the back can be installed into the front of the system ahead of where the pipe is going in. We call this ‘leap-frogging’ the system, and it allows the contractor to reutilize equipment which saves them money.”

While putting in the new pipeline, Haleakala encountered a crossing water-main and force-main, plus they had a 96 inch bored-in utility that needed to be tied into the new pipe. Again, more shoring challenges. Fortunately, Professional Shoring & Supply offers a Quicksheet Guideframe that integrates seamlessly into the linear Slide Rail System. Installed instead of the Slide Rail panels, the sheeting guide frame allows two-feet wide overlapping KD-6 sheeting to be positioned tightly around the crossing utility while maintaining “positive” pressure against the outside soil all the way to grade.

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