Fort Worth Launches Unique, Aggressive Sewer Inspection/Cleaning Program

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | July 2011, Vol. 66 No. 7

“Freese Nichols,” he said, “recently developed the wastewater collection system model as part of the Wastewater Master Plan. Since they were part of the engineering team we were able to identify where the model data required additional review and make any corrections to the model, if necessary.”

Program accomplishments, expectations
“The ICAP program,” said Gadberry, “has allowed the FWWD to identify locations of probable failure and replace or rehabilitate the pipe before failure actually occurs. The cost to replace or rehabilitate a large diameter pipe before it collapses is a fraction of the cost to address pipe failure after it occurs. Eliminating SSOs before they occur, avoiding catastrophic environmental impacts, and keeping our large diameter interceptors at their peak designed performance and structurally sound makes ICAP an extremely cost-effective program.”

If funding permits, Gadberry said the FWWD has a seven year goal to inspect 100 percent of all pipe 24-inches and larger.

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