Frontier Pipeline Completes Record Setting Rock Drills

December 2008 Vol. 63 No. 12

There was also difficulty in anchoring the survey coil. The crossing line of the New Haven harbor was located at a point where the Quinnipiac and Mill Rivers converge, creating fast currents that made it difficult to anchor the survey coil. Ultimately, an alternative anchoring technique was used to adequately secure the survey coil to the harbor bottom. In addition to the water current challenges, fishing activity in the area resulted in damage to the coil on several occasions. Eventually, signage and a patrol boat were employed to protect the coil from the fishing activity.

“Even with the delays experienced with the survey coil stabilization, the HDD portion of the project was completed within the budget and well in advance of the contractual completion date,” said Frontier Pipeline president Dan Baillargeon.


“This is certainly one of the largest HDD projects going on in the country.” said Dunham. “I truly believe the success of this project was due to the skill and experience of Frontier Pipeline. Frontier Pipeline exhibited considerable knowledge and expertise developing a strategy to drill and ream the 60-inch holes and developing a lay down area for the pipe which minimized the impact to the traveling public and a nearby concrete batch plant.”

The project was completed utilizing American Auger 440 and 880 drilling rigs, Century Products down hole tooling, and a mixture of Tulsa Rig Iron and Kem-Tron mud handling systems. “As a small, growing HDD company, we really need to recognize the support provided to us by the Connecticut DOT, American Augers and Century Products,” reasoned Baillargeon. “When a project like this is successful, it is attributable to the spirit of partnership from the project owner right down to the suppliers.”

Frontier Pipeline: (218) 625-8478,
American Augers: Astec Underground, (800) 527-6020,
KemTron: (281) 261.5778,
Tulsa Rig Iron: (918) 321-3330,
Century Products: (262) 820-3600,

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