Frozen Sand Provides Directional Drilling Challenge

Contractor Installs Radiant Heat System Under Cold Storage Facility
June 2009 Vol. 64 No. 6

To overcome this challenge Huttmann, used an Eclipse locator from Digital Control to monitor each bore. The only problem was that the locator operator had to be inside the facility which operates at a temperature of -20 F and then factoring in the wind chill it felt like 40 F below zero.

“We purchased arctic gear for the locator operator and two other crew members who were responsible for moving pallets,” says Huttmann. “The freezers also threw off the locator signal, so it was a slow process.”

While this was a pretty challenging project for Huttmann, he would take it on again.

“We get into pretty much all aspects of boring, from water, sewer, gas, power, some communications, geothermal and special projects like this,” says Huttmann. “The whole project involved a lot of unknowns, but our planning paid off and the drill performed beyond my expectations.”

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