Gas And Water Leak Detection: Equipment Spotlight

July 2013, Vol. 68, No. 7
E-Z Drill's Model 20 UTL.

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An 1/8-inch hole in a water main can lose over one million gallons of water a year. With LeakFinderRT, you’ll have unparalleled accuracy at your fingertips. This Windows-based leak detection system uses leak noise correlation to pinpoint seepages in all types of water and fluid pipes including plastic. LeakFinderRT eliminates the reliance on the hardware component of leak noise correlators by using your own PC – so that you can have the fastest microprocessor available. An enhanced correlation function dramatically improves identifying narrow-band leak noise. Now plastic pipes, multiple leak situations, and scenarios where leak sensors have to be closely spaced are easy to work with. Plus, the enhanced correlation function is more effective for small leaks or situations with high background noise. 888-ECHOLOG,

Aries Industries
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GasCam can enhance the diagnosis of distribution system problems, minimize costly excavations, and streamline the maintenance and repair process. It can also assist maintenance personnel by accurately locating blockages, water infiltration, cracked or broken mains, undocumented valves and service taps, and unauthorized service taps. The daylight readable LCD color monitor provides bright colorful easy viewing. The smaller color camera head eases the entry and exit from taps. GasCam advances live gas main inspection technology and is certified intrinsically safe to stringent Class I, Division I, Group D standards. 800.234.7204,