Gas & Water Leak Detection: Equipment Spotlight

July 2012, Vol. 67, No. 7
The SENSIT P400 is a multi-gas personal monitor.

Moffatt Enterprises
Find a leak in less than 30 seconds before it is buried, without pressure by testing each pipe joint as it is laid. An ultrasonic transmitter is used in coordination with an ultrasonic detector to find the leak. The detector converts inaudible ultrasonic signals into audible tones and amplifies them for ease of detection. By placing the transmitter on the inside of a pipe or test item, the signal will seek out and penetrate any hole in the pipe or joint. 541.548.1144

The HL5000-H2 is a unique device that is capable of detecting tracer gas with the option to use acoustic sensors. The combo pack HL5000-CGH carries a contact mic, ground mic and H2 probe. The detection of difficult slab leaks, gasket leaks and sewer joint leaks are now much simpler. 800.638.7682,