Gas & Water Leak Detection

July 2010 Vol. 65 No. 7
The ADS Hykron Leak Listening System.

Crowcon Detection Instruments
Crowcon_gas detect_Tetra  UC.jpg
Crowcon’s flexible Tetra Personal Monitor alerts confined space workers to dangerous changes in air quality by detecting hazardous gases. A top-mounted, backlit display provides gas readings, diagnostics and battery life; single button operation facilitates use with a gloved hand in small quarters. Fully interchangeable intelligent sensor modules allow customization to a specific air quality needs-oxygen, toxic and flammable gas detection. For pre-entry confined space testing, an optional built-in electric sampling pump or a separate manual aspirator is available. The durable water and dust resistant unit gives instant warning of gas hazards with a powerful audible siren, a bright LED and vibrating alarm. A Lithium-ion battery provides 18+ hours continuous operation from one charge. 800.527.6926,

Aries Industries
Aries_leak detect_Watercam.jpg
Televise live water distribution mains at pressures up to 75 psi, without interrupting service with WaterCam. Inspect up to 600 feet from a single tap in pipe diameters 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch. Watertight seals in the launching apparatus hold back main pressure during inspections utilizing heavy duty T-304 stainless steel Tapping Sleeves pressure tested to 250 psi suitable for steel, cast iron, ductile, AC and PVC piping. Patented Camera Centralizing "legs" ensure camera concentricity in the piping. High-resolution color images provide valuable video information detailing pipeline interior characteristics. Create inspection reports with the on-board video titling system. 800.234.7205,