Global Pipeline Partners Complete Two Wisconsin Pipelines

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | November 2008 Vol. 63 No. 11

Michels Corporation is a diversified utility, engineering, design and construction contractor with critical expertise in linking systems for energy, communications, transportation and distribution.

Welded Construction is a mainline pipeline contractor that has installed more than 40,000 miles of pipeline since 1988 with the capability of installing pipe to diameters of 48 inches.

Precision Pipeline is a mainline pipeline contractor experienced in completing projects including cross country pipelines, looping, laterals and rehabilitation.

U.S. Pipeline provides turnkey engineering, pipeline construction and consulting services for domestic and international projects with diversified routes through congested areas, rural farmlands, forests, swamps, wetlands, deserts and mountain.

Michels Corporation, (920) 583-3132,
Welded Construction, L.P., (419 874-3548,
Precision Pipeline LLC, (715) 874-4510,
U.S. Pipeline Inc., (281) 531-6100,