GPS Technology Enhancing Underground Utility Locating

Pilot Project Aims To Improve Data Sharing, Stakeholder Communication
April 2010 Vol. 65 No. 4

“We envision excavation equipment equipped with a two-way GPS monitoring system that would monitor the location of the equipment in relation to the underground utilities,” says Pevarski. “Should the equipment come close to a nearby underground utility an avoidance alarm system would notify the equipment operator.”

VUPS is working with the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) to develop the applications for Phase III of the pilot project.

“Everything we’ve done here in regards to applications -- even though it may be specific to our software provider -- has all been designed to be fairly generic,” says Pevarski. “If utilities see value in having this data and applications, then they need to continue to take a leadership position and drive this movement.”

“Utilities are the biggest excavators,” says Pevarski. “The use of these technologies needs to be utility-driven, whether it’s having their own excavating team or requiring excavator contractors to use these new technologies. It benefits everybody in the long run.”

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