Ground Penetrating Radar: Equipment Spotlight

September 2011, Vol. 66 No. 9

The INTERRAGATOR EZ GPR System offers the latest advancements in ground penetrating radar electronics with a simple-to-use operator interface. Data is displayed in real-time during a survey and the reverse cursor allows for immediate and accurate utility marking. The depth calibration feature allows the operator to calibrate the system for specific worksites. By simply entering the known depth to a detected target, the control unit adjusts the system parameters to provide accurate depths to all utilities detected in the survey area. The INTERRAGATOR EZ can identify underground metallic and non-metallic pipes and cables at depths up to 20 feet depending on soil conditions. 888.837.6337,

MALÅ Geoscience
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The Easy Locator detects and locates utilities such as PVC water and gas lines, ductile iron, concrete, terracotta or other conflicts. The system boasts an easy user interface with almost complete automation of settings whereby the user needs to provide minimal input to begin measurements. Interchangeable antennas are available for shallow or medium depth situations where most utilities are installed. Similar to traditional lasers, the Easy Locator can scan rapidly and mark an area without data storage. Additional upgrades include jpeg screen shots of a scanned utility radargram as well seamless integration with GPS. MALA’s Rough Terrain Cart is available for off-road applications as well. The latest feature is the depth calibration tool that readily computes the depth to targets on-screen. 843.852.5021,

Sensors & Software
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SmartChariot provides vehicle-towed operation of Noggin GPR systems. Widely used for accurate location and mapping of metallic and non-metallic utilities, Noggins are now optimized for rapid, systematic surveys of large areas. The SmartChariot features integrated equi-spaced odometer triggering and GPS positioning for seamless field operation. High resolution Noggins (500 and/or 1,000 MHz) can be combined and deployed on the SmartChariot to collect concurrent data for pavement forensics and buried utilities. The SmartChariot is ideal for surveys over extensive, smooth, open areas accessible to vehicles. 800.267.6013,

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