Grout Boot Camps Provides Essential Training

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | September 2009 Vol. 64 No. 9

Chemical grouting is a joint sealing and stabilization process used to stop ground water flow through soils surrounding structurally sound sewer pipes or structures.

For 40 years it has been one of the most effective methods of eliminating ground water infiltration into sanitary sewer systems.

Chemical grout has the same viscosity of water prior to gelling and is easily injected through pipe joints, cracks, manhole rings and base joints, brick manhole structures and the exposed annulus flow area between liner and host pipe entries to manholes and lateral cut outs. The grouting process can cause less disruption of surface activities than many other methods of pipe rehabilitation and repair.

Achieving maximum effectiveness of grouting depends on operator and contractor integrity and trained, experienced grout team members.

To train grouting personnel, a group of suppliers who are members of the Infiltration Control Grouting Association (ICGA), a division of NASSCO (National Association of Sewer Service Companies), have developed a Grout Boot Camp training program, said Dick Schantz, P.E., product manager, Aries Industries.

Grout Boot Camp training is provided by Aries Industries (television and grouting equipment supplier), Avanti (chemical grout supplier) and Logiball (joint and lateral test and seal packers). Schools are staffed by representatives of these three firms, plus Norm Sirna, a highly experienced grouting contractor, and DeNeef, a grouting chemical supplier. Coordinating the program are Schantz and Logiball President Marc Anctil.

Schantz said Boot Camps are scheduled twice a year. The first for 2009 was completed in January at the Aries Industries Service Center in Pompano Beach, FL; the second is scheduled November 10 - 12 at Avanti offices in Houston.

Valuable training
"We have completed six Grout Boot Camps and trained more than 150 operators, inspectors and sewer service business owners," said Schantz. "We try for a mix of experienced and new grout system operators and inspectors. We have learned that experienced operators make a tremendous contribution to the class by adding practical experience and providing a rich source of information about what can be done with chemical grout."

Each Grout Boot Camps operates on a 2½ day schedule that includes classroom sessions, hands on equipment servicing and repair, and operation of a grouting truck system.

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