Grout Boot Camps Provides Essential Training

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | September 2009 Vol. 64 No. 9

"Training," said Schantz, "includes everything from the Clean Water Act to grout packer construction and chemical grout safety. Technical subjects include VOA (volt/ohm/amp) meters, continuity testing, transducer and head pressure relationship between psi and feet of water, temperature effect on grout gel time, chemical soil mixture effect and more."

Based on suggestions of those completing the training, the amount of hands on work has been increased, said Schantz. It includes chemical additives and grout mixing, pump maintenance, void pressure transducer trouble shooting, main and lateral test and seal packer repair and maintenance, check valve setting and testing, television cable testing and system demonstration testing to assure compliance with ASTM chemical grouting standards.

Students receive information and hands on training and experience solving problems and maintaining their equipment for increased productivity, said Schantz. They take away an improved working knowledge of the chemical grouting process and equipment plus methods and techniques that help them get the job done. They take home names and phone numbers of both the instructors and their class mates for future reference and assistance, plus a class manual and test kit for use on the job.

"We continue to get constructive and complimentary reviews from the students," Schantz said. "In addition to more hands on experience, they ask for more full system operation and actual sewer grouting experience. This last item is hard to do in a class environment as there is not enough space and time for all students to do a full line grout job. Throughout the Group Boot Camp program, we have been pleased with the participation and compliments from company owners and experienced grouters."

ICGA members are suppliers, contractors, engineers and public works representatives whose common goals are to promote and support the proper use of chemical grouting as a safe, economical and effective means to reduce ground water infiltration into sewer collection systems, and to educate sewer engineers and owners about the versatile grouting process.

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