Grouting Technology & Equipment: Rehab Spotlight

January 2012, Vol. 67 No. 1
Avanti International AV-100

CUES_rehab focus.jpg
The CUES/BUCHEN Lateral/Mainline Sealing Cart is used with standard chemical sealing packers to seal leaking joints in laterals (house to street) and mainlines. It can be used with packers ranging from 4 to 120 inches. The unit consists of two pumps for the grout and catalyst and a manual sealing control panel mounted on a wheeled cart. Joint integrity can be tested with water or air pressure. The unit has an output of up to 7 GPM (total of both pumps), maximum 200 PSIG output pressures, and individual pump regulation with capability of infinite pumping ratios. Two systems are available: one for urethane based grouts only, and one for acrylimide and acrylate based grouts. An air compressor (5-10 SCFM), chemical grout, a water tank and a catalyst tank (plastic container) are the ancillary items required for this system. 800.327.7791,