Growth Of Laser Profiling Technology Enhances CCTV Inspections

By Jeff Griffin, Senior Editor | September 2008 Vol. 63 No. 9

"State departments of transportation use laser profiling to inspect the installation of new culverts under highways," Muenchmeyer continued. "For flexible plastic pipes, they measure the profile of the installed pipe to determine the amount of deflection in the new pipe and whether or not it meets the design criteria specified in the contract documents. For the installation of rigid concrete pipe the laser profiler can measure the width of a crack in the newly installed pipe to determine if it is within the allowable range as specified."

Several companies are involved in the development of laser profiling for a variety of applications and some profiling systems are in use for profiling utility pipelines.


The July 2007 issue of Underground Construction published a First Look feature about the CoolVision laser profiling system.

The CoolVision profiler is mounted on four stainless steel wheels and can either be pulled behind a conventional pan and tilt CCTV camera to take profile and video surveys simultaneously or pulled through pipe independent of the camera system. With two distance encoders and sophisticated telemetry system, it is not necessary for the CoolVision unit to be centered in the pipe. Survey data are transmitted to a survey ground station by coaxial cable. CoolVision laser profilers are manufactured and distributed in the U.S. by Aries Industries and RS Technical.

Botts Consulting Group is the exclusive CoolVision consultant in the United States.

Aries Industries

Aries manufactures and supports a variety of video inspection and rehabilitation products and is a major supplier of standard and custom built television inspection, grout and cutter equipment for internal inspection of sewer, gas and water pipelines and its laser profiling equipment is used in CoolVision systems.


CUES is a leading manufacturer of CCTV pipeline and inspection equipment and asset management software. The CUES laser profiler is a stand alone, snap on tool for use with the company's CCTV survey system to collect survey data and create pipeline reports containing the measurement of faults and other features inside the pipeline. This includes measurements of pipe size, laterals, water levels and other features, as well as automatic analysis of pipe ovality and capacity up to 30 times per second. The Laser Profiler simply attaches to the existing CCTV Camera and the resulting CCTV images are analyzed using innovative machine vision software.

RedZone Robotics

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